Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pills, and doctors and copays... oh my!

Ive been so sick this week, my throat has felt like its been on fire and my uvula is swollen up so large that its resting on the back on my tongue... graphic and gross I know! I had hoped it was just a cold and would get better with rest and plenty of fluids but tonight I had to go to the ER here in Belfast. The wait was long... over 4 hours but on the plus side I was able to see a doctor and get the antibiotics I need. They said it was a severe throat infection, otherwise known as strep and I would need to take antibiotics and they also gave me pain killers to help with the swelling. I cant believe I didn't have to pay a copay or anything! It makes me hopefully for the US's plan for universal health care. Especially since in my chosen profession you rarely get health care, that would mean when I truly do need to see a doctor I will be able to. I highly doubt my mental health care would be included in Obama's universal health care plan but that's easy enough to work out because now that I only have to see Dr. Velosa once a year I can pay for that and order my medication online for under 1000$ a year. I think that's a small price to pay for the freedom it allows me. Being bipolar Ive always worried about having to see a doctor and having to always have a job that gives me the insurance I needed to get my medicine, but this is a cost effective way to have the freedom to do and go where I want and not have to worry about always having to see my doctor.

Well right now I only have another 5-6 weeks before my Mom lands in Dublin and then we will have a little less then a week here in Ireland before coming home. It amazes me how fast the time has gone by... it doesn't feel anywhere near 6 months. But the time has come and gone so very soon I will be leaving Belfast and going back home to California. I am excited to see all of my friends and family and my animals back home. My poor bird has been neglected for almost 6 months and I hope he's not too mad at me when I get back home. I haven't had any luck finding a family to work for when I get back to the states but I think the search might prove more productive when I am back home and able to speak with families on the phone or even in person. I am planning on taking a month or so off of work and enjoy being with the people that I love so very much. And thanks to my federal tax refund and the money I have saved I will be able to take this time off and still be able to pay my bills. My mom and I land in San Fransisco on the 29th or March and will be picked up by my dad, who will be driving us back to Visalia that night. I am fully planning on spending a couple hours with the family before heading out downtown to celebrate my homecoming with my friends and a few cheeky pints! :o) I cant wait!

Oh... I almost forgot, Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope yours was illed with lots of love! <3

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Falling behind... 55 days left!

I'm seriously falling behind on this blog, and its not like I don't have time to write on here... because I do, I just forget after Ive done everything I need and want to do during the day. I was in Scotland last week and that was alot of fun but also a wee bit boring. Ive made alot of nice friends here in Belfast and was bored not having anyone in Edinburgh to hang out with. I have less then 2 months left and I cant wait to see my mom again!!! I think I'm more excited about her coming to visit then anything else. Leaving Belfast will be bitter sweet for me because Ive finally settled, and made friends and I will miss the wee ones so much! Its going to be hard not to see them everyday... I'm sure Ill have to find something to fill the quietness with.

I'm hoping to have a going away party the weekend before my Mom gets here... she lands on Wednesday the 24th and my last day of working is on Friday the 19th... so hopefully the 20th I can get as many people as I can together somewhere downtown for drinks and some good craic before I leave. Mom is flying into Dublin on the 24th and were staying there until the Friday, then we will be up in Belfast for the day and then on up the north coast before coming back that Sunday, getting my bags and saying one last goodbye to Cath, Ollie and the kids. Were flying out of Dublin around 8 am on the 29th and then we will be back home in Cali! So I have 55 days until I board the plane to go home... bitter sweet, but it will be good to be home.