Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st blog of 2010

Hey everyone... Im very sorry that its been so long since Ive posted on here. I was without internet the whole time I was in Scotland for Hogmany and have just kept forgetting that this needs to be done. :o)

Well I miss all of you very much during the holidays... especially my Mom and Dad. I got to speak with them on Christmas and that was the one major thing I was looking forward to. I spent a little over a week in Edinburgh and rang in the New Year at a house party of a friend of David's. I met alot of really cool and nice people and that made my New Years even better. I didnt even get back to the hostel to sleep until 4 pm on New Years day! But the exhaustion was well worth it. :oD

Im getting ready to head back to Scotland on sunday for 2 weeks this time. It was supposed to be a shorter trip but a death in the family has pushed up our departure date. My deepest sympathys go out to the family. Youre all in my prayers.

On a lighter not I have had a few chances to get out after I came back to Belfast and I am very happy with my group of friends here. I even met a guy and weve hung out a few times. Nothing serious! But he's very nice and I like spending time with him. His name is Liam. :o) Very Irish... I know. He works at a gas station by my house and he and I started chatting one day when I came in.

I have to say all in all 2010 has started off very good and I am hopeful for the coming year. Cath's mom read my tarot cards on Christmas for the next 3,6,9, and 12 months and those would indicate that my next year will be a great one. Considering how wonderful 2009 was, I am very opptumistic. There were some very hard times in 2009, dont get me wrong, but even during those hard times I still found reason to smile. David's death brought a whole group of people together and made us realize how short life is and that you can't take it for granted. One minute youre driving home from an amazing day at Pismo and then next it's all over. You can't worry about what might happen you just have to live in the moment and make it worth remembering. Make it good and fill the time you have here with things and places and people that you love. I have been fortunate enough to find people here who I want to make memories with and I hope we will be friends for a lifetime. But I can't wait to get home to the people who hold a very special place in my heart. Go to all of the places I love to go to and maybe start building a life somewhere in the state that holds alot of those cherished things. I have just about 2 and a 1/2 months left out of my 6 month stay here in Northern Ireland and I couldnt be happier! Im about 2 months my Mom will be coming over and then we will be flying home together. I couldnt have asked for a better ending to my time here. I hope and pray that your 2010 holds wonderful and amazing things for each and every one of you.

PS I know only a few of you have seen the small tattoo I have on the back of my neck... but Im hoping to get it covered up very soon. Maybe even this weekend. I know my parents hate the fact that I even have one tattoo so this is my compromise. My next tattoo will be a coverup for the one tattoo I dont really care for. Im having something drawn up at Dark Angel tattoo here in Belfast and might be able to get it done on Friday, but if not then it will have to wait untill I get back from Scotland. Im getting something very symbolic of my time here in Ireland... a claddagh with a clover behind it. I'm hoping it comes out great and based on the work I've seen from this guy I think it will look amazing. Pictures will be posted as soon as it's done. :oD

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