Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Falling behind... 55 days left!

I'm seriously falling behind on this blog, and its not like I don't have time to write on here... because I do, I just forget after Ive done everything I need and want to do during the day. I was in Scotland last week and that was alot of fun but also a wee bit boring. Ive made alot of nice friends here in Belfast and was bored not having anyone in Edinburgh to hang out with. I have less then 2 months left and I cant wait to see my mom again!!! I think I'm more excited about her coming to visit then anything else. Leaving Belfast will be bitter sweet for me because Ive finally settled, and made friends and I will miss the wee ones so much! Its going to be hard not to see them everyday... I'm sure Ill have to find something to fill the quietness with.

I'm hoping to have a going away party the weekend before my Mom gets here... she lands on Wednesday the 24th and my last day of working is on Friday the 19th... so hopefully the 20th I can get as many people as I can together somewhere downtown for drinks and some good craic before I leave. Mom is flying into Dublin on the 24th and were staying there until the Friday, then we will be up in Belfast for the day and then on up the north coast before coming back that Sunday, getting my bags and saying one last goodbye to Cath, Ollie and the kids. Were flying out of Dublin around 8 am on the 29th and then we will be back home in Cali! So I have 55 days until I board the plane to go home... bitter sweet, but it will be good to be home.

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