Wednesday, December 16, 2009

7 days til Christmas in Scotland

Hiya everyone... I only have a week left until I leave for Scotland for 10 days... I have tons to do and little time to do it. Im babysitting tonight and friday or sunday night... I will find out soon, and I still need to get out and buy Sam his present. Ive already taken care of Niamh and Max's and those are wrapped and ready to go. I need to wash all my clothes again on Monday or Tuesday and I need to clean my room and bathroom... That way when I come home it will already be clean. Im going to Edinburgh from Pitlochry on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) and Ill come home on the 4th.

I want to look into a place to snowboard so I can possibly go up there when I come back for 2 weeks at the end of January. I miss my family and friends so much right now... especially now. I didnt really think about the fact that Im here during the holidays, I didnt think I would be this homesick. But the good thing is that I have alot of great opportunities while Im here and it really helps knowing everyone back home is supporting me. So, Im going to go shopping at the Christmas Market either tomorrow or Friday night and Im hoping to find something cool for Sam, and find an Irish ornament for my Mom. <3

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