Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow in Belfast

Hey everyone... its 3 am here in Belfast and its snowing outside!!! I was watching a movie after going out tonight with friends and I looked up at my window and its covered in snow. My room is in the attic so my window is on the roof and so I knew this show was sticking. It came down a little bit Thursday night but it all melted before hitting the group. I think I was told that we were supposed to get 4-6 inches this weekend, so maybe it wont stop snowing and there will still be white and frosty when I wake up tomorrow. :o) I have a couple 230 am snow pictures for you all before I go, but it is time for me to sleep. Ive stayed up way past my bed time and now its time for me to say goodbye. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Love you & miss everyone back home. XOXO

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